Global Investment Process

We continue to evolve into the "wired investment world"; in a quantitative, procedural and technological sense (as in: global quantitative, cross-asset, research, feeding tax efficient portfolio manufacturing processes; deployed through efficient trading systems, across borders; settled, custodied, and managed for stockholders worldwide).

The international investment process is similar to the domestic, but with the added layers of complexity of: language, custom, information, currency, accounting, disclosure, trade, liquidity, settlement, tax, repatriation, political, and legal issues.

Technology, the need for capital, harmonized accounting & legal standards; treaties, and general cultural awareness continue to erode these layers of complexity.

Crowther Investment has significant experience with global investment processes. This experience has been acquired working with major Wall Street investment banks, major investment manager / mutual fund families, global commercial banks, and large vendors of international research and quantitative portfolio analytics.

International projects include: international equity & fixed income risk systems, global equity models, global benchmarking, international financial accounting analysis, selection of global financial data providers; international security identifiers, domiciles, exchanges & currencies; and managing a group that developed and marketed international equity research, trading and investment banking analytics.

The principal of the firm has formal education in international finance, economics, and languages; and citizenship in the USA and European Union.

We can implement and improve global investment processes in the following areas:

  • Global quantitative equity research
  • Region, country, sector, industry, company, benchmark to portfolio analysis
  • Marketing & support for international cliente
  • Global risk analysis 
  • Frontier markets
  • International trading systems
  • Multi-currency portfolio management and overlay systems
  • International clearance & settlement processes
  • Global accounting and custody applications
  • International tax efficient structured equity

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